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2 Vol. Set: Little Women and Good Wives 

Published by Ward, Lock, Bowden, & Co., London. 

from their "Lily Series" Collection.

LITTLE WOMEN: A Story for Girls is dated 1895

GOOD WIVES has no date but is circa. 1893-97


This well-loved  pair are housed in beautiful bindings signature of Ward, Lock, Bowden, & Co.'s "Lily Series". 


LITTLE WOMEN. Poor/Fair Condition. A beautiful shelf copy, when opened, this volume reveals a well-read life. The cover joint is starting, and the title page is partially seperated at the binding. Page 1-2 is loose and unattached. Overall wear and fading to the gold gilt on the cover and spine, and moderate soiling of cloth boards. Silver gilt remains bright and crisp on cover and reflects beautifully on display.


GOOD WIVES: Fair Condition. The lovely blue cloth covering has faded in spots to a muted blue with some spots of rubbing more evident than others. Gold gilt on spine and cover has rubbed away in some places and faded in others.  Silver gilt is worn on spine, and rubbed away in some places. On cover, the silver gilt remains clear and readable with several flowers rubbed and dulled.  The binding is secure with some cracking in the middle of the volume exposing the hinges but not altering soundness. 


While worn, this hard to find pairing remains a special British edition for display and/or careful reading. 

2 Vol. Set: Little Women and Good Wives (UK Edition)

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