Alexander Hamilton: A Concise Biography, by Broadus Mitchell, hardcover (very good condition)


His violent death at the hands of a former vice president cut him down before he reached fifty, but Alexander Hamilton still lived a life of renaissance dimensions: soldier; statesman; politician; financier; writer; orator; intellectual. In this concise biography, famed Hamilton specialist Broadus Mitchell describes the extraordinary passage of this truly self-made man; from child born out of West Indian wedlock to American Founding Father and architect of the young republic. Mitchell’s stature as Hamilton’s foremost biographer gives this narrative an unrivaled authority and depth. He tracks his subject through Revolutionary War hard times and fierce colonial controversies. His account of Hamilton’s political philosophy will demolish forever the image of him as a brazen aristocrat. Alexander Hamilton: A Concise Biography presents a great national leader in the context of his times.

Alexander Hamilton: A Concise Biography

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