The Complete Writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Autograph Edition with Portraits, Illustrations, and Facsimiles in Twenty-Two Volumes.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1900.  

#485 of 500 copies of the Autograph Edition. 

              Of the 500 similar sets printed, this set is one of a select few issued with a document signed by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Bound into Volume I is an original Salem Custom House Document signed by Nathaniel Hawthorne when he was a customs officer for the Custom Service  (1846-1848). The document includes receipt of a shipment of Jameson's Irish Whiskey.

               This twenty-two volume edition from 1900 offers the complete works with the addition of new illustrations from recognized contemporaries, an introduction by the author’s daughter Rose, and bibliographical notes by Mr. H. E. Scudder. 

               Beautifully bound in three-quarter green/teal leather with textured blue paper sides. 5 raised bands at spine with decorative gilt in the compartments; top edge gilt, page edges untrimmed. Overall Near Fine condition.


Each volume also contains a frontispiece hand signed, in pencil, by the aritst.  This particular set includes a colored plate followed by the same image in black and white and signed by the illustrator.


Title of Each Volume and the Illustrator who signed the frontispiece:

I: Twice-Told Tales, Volume I. Ann Whelan Betts.  (Also signed in the front by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop (Hawthorne's youngest daughter), and publisher Houghton Mifflin).

II: Twice-Told Tales, Volume II. Emlen McConnell

III: The Snow Image and other Twice-Told Tales. Sarah S. Stillwell

IV: Mosses from an Old Manse, Volume I. Jessie Wilcox Smith

V: Mosses from an Old Manse, Volume II. Mary Lewis Ayer

VI: The Scarlet Letter. Eric Pape

VII: The House of the Seven Gables. Maud Cowles

VIII: The Blithedale Romance. Benjamin West Clinedinst

IX: The Marble Faun, Volume I. Alice Barber stephens

X: The Marble Faun, Volume II. Alice Barber Stephens

XI: Our Old House. Ernest C. Peixotto

XII: Grandfather's Chair, Biographical Stories. Frank T. Merrill

XIII: A Wonder-Book, and Tanglewood Tales. Howard Pyle

XIV: The Dolliver Romance, and Kindred Tales. A.I. Keller

XV: Dr. Grimshawe's Secret. Frederick McCormick

XVI: Fanshawe, Alice Doane's Appeal, The Antique Ring, An Old Woman's Tale, and other uncollected tales. F.C. Yohn

XVII: The Life of Franklin Pierce, Biographical Sketches. Albert Herter

XVIII: American Note Books. Harry Fenn

XIX: Notes of Travel, Volume I. Childe Hassam

XX: Notes of Travel, Volume II. Edmund H. Garrett

XXI: Notes of Travel, Volume III. Jules Guerin

XXII: Notes of Travel, Volume IV. Ross Taylor 


Autograph Edition: The Complete Writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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