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Beekeeping: A Primer on Starting & Keeping a Hive, by Dominique Devtio, hardcover (very good condition)


Due to the recent and alarming effects of CCD, colony collapse disorder, bees around the world have been receiving much attention. Although beekeeping may seem like a daunting, even dangerous task, it doesn't have to be! Regardless of whether you just want a pet, start a honey-making business or are simply looking for a new hobby, Dominique De Vito dissects everything you need to know about bees and beekeeping in this complete, authoritative how-to guide. Learning how to tell the difference from queen, drone and worker bees, the tools and supplies needed to build your own hive, the secrets behind maintaining a happy bee colony and what each season requires to care for a hive are just a few of the topics De Vito thoroughly explains. In addition, delicious and healthy honey recipes are included that can be made from your own beehive!

Beekeeping: A Primer on Starting & Keeping a Hive

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