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After penning an article for the Chicago Tribune's Good Eating section in 2003 titled "The Lightening of American Beer," author and beer history expert Bob Skilnik wondered if — having chronicled the differences between today's beers and those of the generations before us — could he shed some light on beer's historical use in American food or as an accompaniment.


The result is his sixth book, featuring over 90 beer-related recipes and a fascinating, mouth- watering account of the birth and rise of our nation's brewing industry and its lasting influence on American cuisine.

As the last chapter of Beer & Food: An American History comes to a close, the culinary-loving, beer-drinking enthusiast will have a unique understanding of the history of American beer and food, and why a simple grilled Wisconsin bratwurst soaked in an American pilsner can be just as tasty as the pairing of an overpriced imported cheese with a questionable European beer.

Combining American beers and foods is a unique art, tempered with hundreds of years of rich history and often the vision of determined artisans. A glimpse of their efforts can be seen in the old and new food recipes that use beer as a great tasting ingredient...just waiting inside Beer & Food for you to enjoy!

Beer & Food: An American History

SKU: 36-02
  • Hardcover in dust jacket. Near fine, like new condition. 

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