Bouy: Home At Sea, by Bruce Balan

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This is a story about home.

Buoy lives in the middle of the sea, far from land and people. Some might think that Buoy would be lonely, but for him, the sea is home. Inspiring and poetic, Buoy's tales convey the joys, the challenges, and the wonders of life. Full of drama and humor as well as reflection, and concluding on a wave of celebration,

This award-winning book has filled readers of all ages with wonder and enlightenment for years.

Balan spins a simple story of an ocean life, embedding his quiet philosophy of the interconnectedness of all things, the importance of friendship, the fragile ecology of our planet, and the deep mysticism of being — messages that have inspired some to compare this small book to The Little Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

These stories have captured the ocean so it takes your breath away…
---New York Times Book Review

The dialog is as simple and insightful as A.A. Milne’s.
---Family Fun Magazine

Bouy: Home At Sea, by Bruce Balan

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