Catherine Called Birdy, by Karen Cushman

Paperback in Good Condition.

Recommended by Scholastic for readers in grades 6-8 (and recommended by Barrow Bookstore for anyone of any age who likes a good read!)



The year is 1290 and Catherine's father wants to see his rebellious daughter married to a proper, wealthy gentleman, ignoring what Catherine desires. But Catherine is determined to outsmart her father and goes to great lengths, drooling in her food over dinner and coloring her teeth black, to disgust her suitors. Everything seems to be going well until the oldest, ugliest, and richest suitor comes to town. Her greedy father can hardly contain his excitement.

Catherine wants nothing to do with this revolting man who wants to marry her. Is she destined to become trapped like a bird in a cage and marry this old man? Armed with only her sharp tongue and clever tricks, Catherine will do everything possible to save herself from such a horrible fate.

Catherine Called Birdy, by Karen Cushman

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