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Chrysler Corporation Classics, by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, hardcover (like new condition)


From the groundbreaking but unsuccessful Airflows of the 1930s to the brawny Challengers of the 1970s, Chrysler Corporation has produced some of the most original and iconic American vehicles. Chrysler Classic Cars tells the auto giant's fascinating story through modern and vintage photographs of notable models, as well as the original advertisements that so titillated American drivers.

The auto editors of Consumer Guide have collected photos, advertisements, and fascinating information for 60 different models, including:

  • The 1926 Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler's first luxury car and the model that cemented the automaker's prominence in the industry.
  • The 1934 Chrysler Airflow, the first full-size production car that used a streamlined design to reduce air resistance.
  • The 1955 Chrysler C-300, named for the powerful 300-hp Hemi V8 engine that made it a stock car racing favorite.
  • The 1966 Dodge Charger, the debut of Chrysler's legendary muscle cars.

Whether you're a longtime Chrysler driver or are simply an auto history buff, you'll love Chrysler Classic Cars. It provides a unique ride through 20th-century America.

Chrysler Corporation Classics

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