Collected Poems of Samuel French Morse

Edited by Guy Rotella



Poetry. Edited by Guy Rotella. The COLLECTED POEMS reprints all of Morse's earlier collections and adds to them ninety pages of previously uncollected poems. An eleven-page introduction by the editor, Morse's friend and colleague Guy Rotella, places the poems within the context both of the poet's life and of the literary cross-currents of the period from 1940 to the present. This collection promises to bring to a new audience one of the richest lyric voices of our time.

"When Sam Morse and I were in college together, I wanted to write as well as Sam wrote. Now, all these many years later, I'd still like to do that."—William Bronk

"Morse's lucidity of vision, acuity of ear, and impeccable cadences combine with his native common sense to give his readers the unusual pleasure of entering with him a world perceived freshly and knowingly."—Constance Hunting

"Morse never plays intellectual games with his readers, but is basically a reflective poet, feeling, with Stevens, 'a rage for order' in his own trees and fields.... The best of these poems have the hallmark of a true poetry which is wholly Morse's own."—Philip Booth


Collected Poems of Samuel French Morse

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