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Cooking for Baby: Wholesom, Homemade, Delicious

by Lisa Barnes

Hardcover in Dust Jacket

Like New Condition



While ready-made baby food is a convenience that every parent can appreciate, feeding everyday fresh foods is the best way to teach a child healthy eating habits and an appreciation for good food from the cradle onwards. The 80 recipes in Cooking for Baby make preparing delicious meals for babies and toddlers a simple matter, even for busy parents. The recipes are organised by age, showing how to introduce cereal grains and simple vegetable and fruit purees at 6 months, how to move on to meats, pulses and chunkier foods by 8 or 9 months, and how to graduate to real meals for toddlers 12 to 18 months to enjoy along with the entire family. With Cooking for Baby, you will be surprised at how simple it is to serve fresh and interesting foods to your child from the very beginning. Lisa Barnes already has one best-selling baby food cookery book under her belt: The Petit Appetit Cookbook. Through cooking classes and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, she teaches parents how to prepare food for their young children and how to make cooking for baby an integral part of preparing meals for the whole family.

Cooking for Baby: Wholesom, Homemade, Delicious

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