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Courage and Conscience: Black & White Abolitionists in Boston

Edited by Donald M. Jacobs

Paperback in Very Good Condition




Until recently little was known of the contributions of African Americans in the antebellum abolition movement. Massachusetts, having granted voting rights early on to black males, was a center of antislavery agitation. Courage and Conscience documents the black activism in 19th-century Boston that was critical to the success of the abolitionist cause.


"Written by first-rate scholars, these 10 essays give focus to the antislavery movement in Boston, particularly to the significance of African American abolitionists." ―Choice


" . . . handsome, lavishly illustrated, and informative . . . " ―The New England Quarterly


" . . . this work is a thoughtful, long overdue discourse on individual and group accomplishments. It is replete with absorbing illustrations, which when accompanied by insightful essays, depict the courage of those who labored for equality in antebellum Boston." ―Journal of the Early Republic


Courage and Conscience: Black & White Abolitionists in Boston

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