Culpeper's Complete Herbal, with three hundred and sixty-nine Medicines Made of English Herbs, physically applied to the Cure of All Disorders Incident to Man with Rules for Compounding Them, to which is now added his English Physician Enlarged forming a complete Family Dispensatory and Natural System of Physic.


This hardcover volume was published by Joseph Smith, London, 1844.  The book is 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide, 344 pages.  Contents include:


  • An Alphabetical Table of the Herbs and Plants, and the names of the plants which govern them;
  • 9 black and white plates, each with illustrations of four plants;
  • The English Physician Enlarged;
  • Directions for Making Syrups, etc.; and
  • Table of Diseases cured by the foregoing herbs


Book is in generally very good condition; brown cloth binding with "Culpeper" in gilt on the spine and yellow end papers.  Minor bending at top and bottom of the spine and a small tear in cloth along the bottom of the front spine, approximately a quarter of an inch (please see photographs).

Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654) was an English botanist, herbalist, physician and astrologer.  His The English Physician (1652, later Complete Herbal, 1653) is a source of pharmaceutical and herbal lore of the time.  Culpeper's translations and approach to using herbals have had an extensive impact on medicine in early North American colonies, and even modern medications.  Culpeper was one of the first to translate from Latin documents discussing medicinal plants found in the Americas. His Herbal was held in such esteem that species he described were introduced into the New World from England. Culpeper described the medical use of the foxglove, the botanical precursor to digitalis, used to treat heart conditions. His influence is demonstrated by the existence of a chain of "Culpeper" herb and spice shops in Canada, North America and beyond, and by the continued popularity of his remedies among New Age and alternative holistic medicine practitioners. (Source: Wikipedia)

Culpeper's Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged