Emerson & Literary Change, by David Porter

Hardcover. Dust Jacket Good Condition (See close up photo). Book in Very Good Condition.



In this stunning and original inquiry into what he calls “the Emerson idiom,” David Porter discloses the revolutionary dimension of Emerson’s poetry and prose. Following his extraordinarily explicit struggle to force the emergence of a new poetic consciousness and new expressive forms, Porter takes us to the core of Emerson’s artistic transformation and then illuminates, for the first time, his impassioned breakthrough. Porter shows that the “redeeming form” Emerson achieved remains an essential idiom by which we identify the modern literary era. Seen in this context, Emerson stands as an exemplary figure facing the crisis in the relationship between language and reality. His search for form makes plain his role as a forerunner of American modernism, and it tells us much about what such writers as Dickinson, Whitman, Stevens, and William Carlos Williams struggled to achieve. This book is an unparalleled view of how a culture changes and a major chapter in American cultural history.

Emerson & Literary Change, by David Porter

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