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Eye of the Storm: A Civil War Odyssey

Written and Illustrated by Private Robert Knox Sneden

Hardcover In Very Good Condition



Eye of the Storm is one of the most important Civil War documents ever published. Four tattered scrapbooks found in a Connecticut bank vault in 1994 have yielded a treasure trove of more than five hundred watercolors and maps that vividly depict America's great national conflict. These scrapbooks, and the accompanying memoir, are the life's work of a long-forgotten Union private and mapmaker named Robert Knox Sneden, who witnessed some of the war's greatest campaigns and spent more than a year in Southern prison camps, including Andersonville.

A must-have for anyone interested in the subject, Robert Knox Sneden's Eye of the Storm is a permanent addition to Civil War literature and art, and a lasting achievement in human expression of the horrors of war.

Eye of the Storm: A Civil War Odyssey

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