Fathers and Sons, by Ivan Turgenev

Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett & Illustrated with wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg.

Hardcover in good condition. 

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After graduating from the University of Petersburg, Arkady Kirsanov and his friend and fellow graduate, Bazarov, travel to Kirsanov's family home, eager to embark on their next adventure. Delighted at the prospect of seeing his son, Arkady's father welcomes them both to the Marino estate. Encouraging dramatic conflict between the opposing generations, Ivan Turgenev wreaks havoc in Marino, ensuring Bazarov's nihilistic and progressive political views clash spectacularly with that of the traditional Russian patriarch's.

Set in a time of conflict and social uprising, the people fought for the abolishment of serfdom and despaired at the daily inequality faced by the lower classes. Turgenev offered astute psychological insight into the conflicting parties, from the portrayal of his two young protagonists to that of their older parents and the various women that they try to court.

Ivan Turgenev lived in imperial Russia. Abroad, he was a highly respected and sought-after author and Fathers and Sons was released to great success around Europe. Whilst it undoubtedly ruffled some feathers back home, the public found Ivan's novel to be a fascinating take on the socio-political change that had started to sweep across Russia. Turgenev died in 1883 so he didn't live to see the revolution come to fruition. Regardless, his text would go on to be read by millions, outliving the Tsars themselves.

Fathers and Sons, by Ivan Turgenev

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