Figureheads & Ship Carvings at Mystic Seaport, by Edouard Stackpole, paperback (very good condition) 


This book contains over 65 black and white photographic illustrations and written descriptions of ship cravings, divided into 12 categories: American Figureheads, British Figureheads, Figureheads as Period Pieces, Busts and Small Figures, Billetheads and Fiddleheads, The Symbolic Eagle, The Figurehead as Portrature, Notable Ship Carvings, Gangway Boards, Sternboards, Nameboards and Quarterboards, and, End Pieces. Although the figureheads and ship carvings at Mystic Seaport are displayed in their present guise as museum pieces they are still surrounded by an aura of their own periods. As one views them some of the excitement of the sea is felt. It is in the study of these ships and the times in which they sailed that the essence of these origins becomes paramount, and these maritime relics become not mute carvings in wood but symbols of our maritime history.

Figureheads & Ship Carvings at Mystic Seaport

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