Finnigans, Slaters, and Stonepeggers: A History of the Irish in Vermont, by Vincent Feeney, paperback (very good condition)


The first book that peels back the Yankee mythos and examines the surprisingly rich, true story of the Irish in Vermont, from the first steady trickle of colonial pioneers to the flood of famine refugees and onward.  From Fort Ticonderoga to Civil War battlefields to up until the years after World War II: how the Irish arrived, survived, fought, labored, organized, worshipped, played, and managed to prosper . . . a surprisingly behind-the-scenes American success story that has never been fully told until now. 

6x9 50 photos and prints. Map. Chapter Notes. Bibliography. Index.

A meticulously researched, beautifully written book by the scholar who knows most about the Irish in Vermont. This long-awaited book fills a critical gap in Vermont studies, and is a model for future historians.
- Dona Brown, Associate Professor of History, University of Vermont,
author of Inventing New England: Regional Tourism in the Nineteenth Century.

In his carefully researched and meticulously referenced book, the author has provided both the serious and casual student of Vermont history with a fresh and engaging perspective on our ancestors that informs the literature as well as the reader.
- Deborah Doyle-Schechtman, writer, historian, and author of By the Old Mill Stream: A History of Quechee, Vermont

If it is true that we are not real until we are recorded in history, then this book makes the Irish in Vermont real. It is a must for all Irish Americans in Vermont, and for everyone else for that matter. It is all our story.
- Greg Delanty, Poet. St. Michael s College

Finnigans, Slaters, and Stonepeggers: A History of the Irish in Vermont

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