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George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a Nation, by T.H. Breen, hardcover (very good condition)


“An absorbing portrait...Breen’s superb chronicle offers glimpses into Washington’s love of his country and its people, and his willingness to meet them on their own terms to secure the unity of the new republic.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

This is George Washington in the surprising role of political strategist.

T.H. Breen introduces us to a George Washington we rarely meet. During his first term as president, he decided that the only way to fulfill the Revolution was to take the new federal government directly to the people. He organized an extraordinary journey carrying him to all thirteen states. It transformed American political culture.

For Washington, the stakes were high. If the nation fragmented, as it had almost done after the war, it could never become the strong, independent nation for which he had fought. In scores of communities, he communicated a powerful and enduring message—that America was now a nation, not a loose collection of states. And the people responded to his invitation in ways that he could never have predicted.

George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a Nation

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