Good and Evil in Myth and Legend, by Anthony S. Mercatante, hardcover (good condition; sticker on front cover)


From the beginning of time, humans have wrestled with the problem of good and evil in the world, seeking to incorporate explanations for their origin and meaning into the mythologies and religions of every culture and civilization. Covering the spectrum of mythology and folklore from ancient Egypt to present-day Voodoo, this book presents gods and goddesses, demons and angels, heroes and villains in all their power and majesty, demonstrating how they have been used to explain the battle between good and evil. Meet the Babylonian-Assyrian goddess Ishtar, dispenser of good and evil, and Gilgamesh, the hero king who rejects her love; Ahura Mazda, the Persian god of light and goodness, and his evil brother Ahriman; Ameterasu Omikami, the Japanese sun-goddess, and her brother Susano-o, who embody the battle between the forces of light and darkness; and others. A compelling cross-cultural study of an age-old and intriguing topic. 

Good and Evil in Myth and Legend

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