Great New England Storms of the 20th Century: An Eyewitness Chronicle of Extreme Weather Events, published by the Boston Globe, introduction by Harvey Leonard, hardcover (very good condition)


Everyone knows what they say about weather in New England: If you don't like it, wait a minute, right? But some weather is more destructive than others, and some storms can last long enough to make you remember their fury more than a hundred years later. People who live in the Northeast know about blizzards and nor'easters, hurricanes, ice showers, tornado winds, and flood-producing rains. In Great New England Storms of the 20th Century, the Boston Globe chronicles an era that encompasses many of the most devastating weather events on record, including the blizzard of 1978, the "perfect storm" of 1991, tornadoes in 1953, floods in 1936, gales in 1905, and a 1938 hurricane that still has no equal. And this book doesn't just bring the historical facts; it offers the faces and personal stories behind each disaster, along with weather data and graphics, trivia, and the lighter side of the news. Produced by the respected staff of the Boston Globe, each chapter presents compelling writing and dramatic photographs culled from an unrivaled regional archive of material, all of which add up to the most complete and captivating portrait of 20th-century New England storm history ever published.

Great New England Storms of the 20th Century

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