Gutting Cats in Search of Fiddles, by Douglas Blazek, paperback (very good condition)


Achieving prominence in his first 25 years as poet, editor and publisher Douglas Blazek eventually grew disenchanted with his accomplishment. So he lit the fuse to his limits and followed the sparks toward a source of greater brilliance. The next 25 years he spent deep in the matrix of creation and self-transformation re-writing, repeatedly, year after year, the originally published versions of his poetry. In 2012 Blazek's life's work is now being published by Edition Muta with cover art collages by the author.

"Blazek's work is indeed serious and intense and I appreciate all he brings to it." W. S. Merwin

"The poems of Douglas Blazek are beautifully crafted, spare, valuing language, word by word, keeping a clear vision." Brenda Hillman

"I've been a fan of Blazek's for thirty years. His poems have always had a special power for me, and I'm happy they were there at the very beginning." Albert Goldbarth"

Gutting Cats in Search of Fiddles

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