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Straight from old folklore and tradition, these rare and hard to find stones are naturally created by the winds and tides of time. They have been used for centuries throughout the world for protection from harm and to ward off evil.  Their many names throughout the world include, "Hagstones", "Odin Stones", "Wtiches' Stones", and "Druid Glass". 


In olden days, the stones were worn for personal protection, hung above dorrways or windows to protect a home or business, or hung near a pet's sleeping place to guard and protect the animal.


The hag stone shown here is an example. By nature, each stone is different and we shall select a special one for you. 


Each Hag Stones comes in its own box with a booklet describing the history of the stones. 

If this is a gift, you may ad a gift message to the box to customize it just for your recipient. 

Hag Stone

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