Hospital Sketches: An Army Nurse's True Account of Her Experience in the Civil War, by Louisa May Alcott

Published by Roberts Brothers, 1895. 


Published by Roberts Brothers, (Louisa's Boston publishers who first published her LITTLE WOMEN), this 125 year old book is in good antiquarian condition.  The binding of the cover and first few pages of the book feels to be weakening. The rest of the binding is secure making this a nice, careful reading and shelf copy for an Alcott collector.



In Little Women, Mr. March went off to war. But in real life it was Jo (Louisa May Alcott herself, an avowed abolitionist) who traveled to Washington to nurse Northern soldiers. Despite the subject matter, her account is full of amusing anecdotes as she makes her way alone from Concord to DC, trying to finagle a free ticket and convinced she will drown during the journey. Profiles of the soldiers she tended are full of compassion, pathos and even humor, and the book was hugely popular among those at home eager for war news. Its publication introduced Alcott's unique voice to the public and launched the career of a great American writer. Sharp-eared listeners will discover that the names and personalities of three soldiers were inspirations for characters in Little Women.


Hospital Sketches, by Louisa May Alcott

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