I Really Should Have Stayed Home: Worst Journeys From Harare to Eternity

Edited by Roger Rapoport and Bob Drews

Paperback in Very Good Condition



The trip of a lifetime, or a life sentence?

Disasters that can't wait to happen are guaranteed to make you unfasten your seatbelt for the belly laugh of the travel season. As you try to figure out why your wallet just disappeared, relax and be glad you weren't along for the ride with...

Marius Bosc as the entire waitstaff of a New York restaurant began attacking him after he tried to send back his lo mein.

Claudia Capos as she sat down to a splendid anteater served for a Tasmanian Thanksgiving.

Brooke Comer hitching a ride through Upper Egypt on top of a pickup bed full of unripe melons.

Matthew FIke when a coed in one of his English classes in Bulgaria announced "I need to be with you in your bed."

Nadine Payne when she was kicked off Romania's "Orient Distress" on a rail line in the middle of nowhere.

Cameron Burns on his honeymoon as his wife discovered a poisonous eight-inch long scorpion crawling down her blue cotton t-shirt. Zona Sage as she and a flight crew worked feverishly to track down a putrid smell that makes a jet's interior smell like a sewer.

Larry Parker as a stream of overnight freight trains rolled past the window of his Oregon bed and breakfast.

Carole Dickerson shipwrecked with her family on a dream vacation.

William Douglass as monkeys danced about his Kenya lodge room in his wife Jan's nightgown.

A welcome addition to the literature of the damned, this book rolls up the welcome mat as it makes you rethink those vacation plans. Yes, in this outragenously funny anthology of vacation horror stories you'll spend one too many nights in Tunisia and flee nightmarish holidays that stretch from Harare to Eternity.

I Really Should Have Stayed Home: Worst Journeys From Harare to Eternity

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