Letters of Emily Dickinson (Edited by Mabel Loomis Todd)

With an Introduction by Mark Van Doren

First Printing, January 1951, Published by World Publishing Company

Hardcover in Good Condition. The dust jacket shows wear and is now in protective mylar.  



Dickinson's poetry reflects the power of her contemplative gifts, and her deep sensitivity courses through her correspondence as well. Lovingly compiled by a close friend, this first collection of Dickinson's letters originally appeared in 1894, only eight years after the poet's death. Although she grew reclusive in her later years and seldom saw her many friends, she thought of them often and affectionately, as her missives attest. The small cast of daily characters in Dickinson's little world takes on vivid life in the letters, and her famous wit sparkles from every page.

Letters of Emily Dickinson (Edited by Mabel Loomis Todd)

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