Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott

First American edition, First Issue. One of 10,000 printed. Published by Robert Brothers, Boston, 1871.


Condition Note:

Bound in the original purple cloth, this First Edition/First Issue is in poor condition with heavy wear. Purple cloth has faded, particularly on the spine. Gold gilt on cover and spine is readable but worn. On the spine, the word "Men" has heavy wear over the M and E. Bottom of spine, cloth is missing below Roberts Brothers mark. Heavy shelf lean and loss and fraying of cloth at top of spine. Many other cosmetic signs of age and wear on front and rear cover and spine.  Rear endpaper is torn and half missing.


Binding is secure with some cracking and exposing of hinges. Cosmetic issue only. 


About Little Men:

Little Men is the third book in the Louisa May Alcott's Little Women Series. In 1871, Louisa was traveling in Rome, Italy, when word reached her that her eldest sister Anna's husband, John Pratt, had suddenly died leaving Anna with two young sons. Determined to support her sister and nephews, Louisa sat down and penned Little Men. The novel picked up where Little Women Part First and Second had left off. The book was a success and Louisa was able to support Anna and the boys. 


The book is currently residing in Barrow Bookstore's special collections case, looking straight ahead a quarter mile Main Street towards the house Louisa was able to purchase for Anna after Little Men was published. 



Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott

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