Making Peace: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Negotiations that Culminated in the Signing of the Northern Ireland Peace Accord, told by the American Senator who servied as Independent Chairman of the Talks, by George J. Mithcell, paperback, very good condition.  Pasted to flylead is a sheet inscribed "Best wishes, George Mitchell"


Fifteen minutes before five o'clock on Good Friday, 1998, Senator George Mitchell was informed that his long and difficult quest for an Irish peace effort had succeeded--the Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland, and the governments of the Republic of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, would sign the agreement. Now Mitchell, who served as independent chairman of the peace talks for the length of the process, tells us the inside story of the grueling road to this momentous accord and the subsequent developments that may threaten, or strengthen, the chance for a lasting peace in Northern Ireland.  Updated with a new preface.  Signature of George Mithcell pasted into book.

Making Peace: Northern Ireland Peace Accord

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