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"Maniacal Hooters" Beeswax Owl Trio.

Rejoice! Straight from the woodland spirit of Thoreau's WALDEN, these three pure beeswax owl candles are ready to fly straight to you. Packaged in a box made of recycled material, they are ready to ship. Upon opening, the recipient will be greeted with Thoreau's quote from WALDEN, "I rejoice that there are owls. Let them do the idiotic and maniacal hooting for men." 


Handmade just for you by Barrow Bookstore from the naturally honey-scented beeswax of local bees.  


Each owl: ~2" x 1.5".  1.3 oz.. (Handpoured, each candle may vary slightly in size and weight). 


If you would like a gift message included with your candles, please fill in the custom text field. 





"Maniacal Hooters" Beeswax Owl Trio

SKU: ManicalOwls
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