Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes, by Alex Vilenkin, hardcover (very good condition)


A Leading Figure in the Development of the New Cosmology Explains What It All Means


Among his peers, Alex Vilenkin is regarded as one of the most imaginative and creative cosmologists of our time. His contributions to our current understanding of the universe include a number of novel ideas, two of which―eternal cosmic inflation and the quantum creation of the universe from nothing―have provided a scientific foundation for the possible existence of multiple universes.


With this book―his first for the general reader―Vilenkin joins another select group: the handful of first-rank scientists who are equally adept at explaining their work to nonspecialists. With engaging, well-paced storytelling, a droll sense of humor, and a generous sprinkling of helpful cartoons, he conjures up a bizarre and fascinating new worldview that―to paraphrase Niels Bohr―just might be crazy enough to be true.


Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes

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