Minerva's Fox: A Novel, by Kristina Baer

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Malorie Ellsworth's life is about to change for the better. Or so she believes.

Ahead of her lies graduate school; behind her, a traumatic childhood. Within weeks of beginning graduate school, she's enmeshed in the academic world, struggling to make a go of it.

When a colleague plagiarizes her work, Malorie drops out and moves to a village in France, where the landscape and history revive her passion for drawing. When she discovers her talent for garden design, she knows she has found her calling.

Back in the U.S., Malorie launches her career and confronts the challenges of step-parenting, infertility, her husband's battle with Lyme disease, and a painful episode from her past.

With its fine-tuned balance of dialogue, narrative, and description, Minerva's Fox places the reader at the heart of each scene in this unforgettable account of one woman's bid to understand herself and make peace with her past.

Minerva's Fox: A Novel, by Kristina Baer

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