Moods by Louisa May Alcott

Early edition published by the original publisher, Loring, Boston, sometime after 1870, likely 1875, no later.


Condition notes: the gilt on the spine with Title and Louisa and publisher's names is bright and crisp and presents very nicely on a shelf. Otherwise, this copy is in poor/fair condition with some heavy signs of wear and some cloth loss at bottom of spine.  Binding is secure with some cracking and exposing of hinges. 


Special to hold and gently read, or makes a nice edition of the shelf to an early-Alcott book collection.



First published by Loring Publisher in 1865, Louisa finished writing this novel in 1861 (7 years prior to writing Little Women). She feared Moods would not be published, writing in her journal, "Some fear it isn't moral because it speaks freely of marriage. My next book shall have no ideas in it, only facts, and the people shall be as ordinary as possible; then critics will say it's all right. I seem to have been playing with the edge tools without knowing it. t was meant to show a life affect by moods, not a discussion of marriage, which I knew little about, except observing that very few were happy ones." 


Louisa's original manuscrupt was abbrviated in the first edition, and expanded in this later printing (as offered in this listing) to include some of the chapters edited out of the original.


Moods, by Louisa May Alcott

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