A mug that can be heard just by being present.


Straight from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, this dual sided mug helps the drinker (and Mrs. Bennet) get the point across! Hold with your left hand to appeal to the annoying masses to: "Have a little compassion on my nerves!" And with your right hand to share (for the umpteenth time), "You do not know how I suffer!"


This 11oz, sparkling metalic-pink colored mug with strong bold black lettering is just the perfect size to demand someone refill it for you, and light enough to hurl at the wall should a full-Mrs. Bennt-worthy hissy fit be required. After all, you can replace it, because it's only $16 and not "a fortune of 20,000 pounds". 


Designed and printed by Barrow Bookstore just for you.  (This item costs less in store.)



Mrs. Bennet: NERVES Mug