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My Dad's A Birdman, by David Almond

Illustrated by Polly Dunbar

Hardcover in Very Good Condition

Recommended age group: 7 and up



In a rainy town in the north of England, there are strange goings-on.

Dad is building a pair of wings, eating flies, and feathering his nest. Auntie Doreen is getting cross and making dumplings. Mr. Poop is parading the streets, shouting LOUDER and LOUDER, and even Mr. Mint, the headmaster, is getting in a flap. And watching it all is Lizzie, missing her mam and looking after Dad and thinking how beautiful the birds are.

What’s behind it all? It’s the Great Human Bird Competition, of course!

My Dad's A Birdman, by David Almond

SKU: 34-075
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