Nobody Here by Me, by Juith Viorst

Pictures by Christine Davenier

Hardcover in Very Good Condition




t's a little after four o'clock, and everyone's busy. Mom's on the phone, Dad's checking e-mail, and Katie's playing games with a friend. But there's one other person in the house, and no matter what he does – from painting a blue heart on the wall to turning the kitchen into a catastrophe (that's a really big mess) – none of his distracted family members come to stop him. What does a person have to do to get noticed around here?

This laugh-out-loud story by best-selling author Judith Viorst, accompanied by Christine Davenier's charming illustrations, perfectly captures how lonely it can feel even when the house is full of people – and just what it takes to get some attention.

Nobody Here by Me, by Juith Viorst

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