It happens. You do a badness and then you apologize. And you want that apology to sound deep and well thought out. And what's more deep and well thought out than "Transcedentalism"? Let this notecard from Barrow Bookstore's "Transcendental Tidings" collection help you get your message across.  Your recipient may smile at Thoreau's words (and complete, real quote on the back of this 4.25" x 5.25" notecard), or they may put it straight into the recycling bin and never talk to you again. But it's worth a try and we wish you the best.


(As an added bonus and to boost your credibility, this notecard even says "Transcendental" on the back. You don't even have to spell it, it's already written for you! Just slide it into the white envelope it comes with, put a stamp on it, and mail it.) 



1. Card only

2. Need a stamp? Select one at checkout and we'll include it in your order (same cost as the USPS).

3. Mailing service available! We can mail this card directly to your recipient. Purchase the card and a stamp, fill out the custom message, provide the recipient's address, and we'll get your card in the mail ASAP!


CHECKOUT NOTE: Please note, if you are buying this card and want us to mail it for you, please select "curbside pickup" at checkout so you won't be charged additional shipping. Thank you!

Notecard: "Sorry: I was a silly loon" (Henry David Thoreau