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Paris and the Surrealists: Photography by Michael Woods, by George Melly, papreback (good condition)


"Paris seduced and intoxicated the Surrealists, those bizarre and inspired poets, writers and painters who won almost mythic status after their Parisian debut in the 1920s. They sought to realize the latent possibilities of the city and to evoke wonder from the mundane: aims that were readily achieved in Paris. George Melly provides not only a narrative history of Surrealism, but also an analysis of the major works of Surrealist literature, all of which are imbued with the essence of 'the feminine city.' He reveals that even now the Surrealist spirit lives on as part of the very soul of Paris. The eloquent text is superbly set off by the haunting and atmospheric photographs of Michael Woods. Capturing the spirit of Paris, these pictures are filled with echoes of past associations and acute perceptions of new 'Surrealist' additions to the cityscape. Words and images join to lead us in the footsteps of the Surrealists....With 104 duotone illustrations."



Paris and the Surrealists: Photography by Michael Woods

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