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Persistent Pilgrim: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, by Richard A. Nenneman

Hardcover in very good condition



PERSISTENT PILGRIM is the most in-depth, serious biography of Mary Baker Eddy since the Peel trilogy a generation ago and the first one-volume story of the life of the founder of Christian Science to be written by a Christian Scientist in almost 50 years. In an easily accessible book of approximately 320 pages, Richard Nenneman, who a few years ago retired as Editor-in-Chief of The Christian Science Monitor, traces the outlines of her life and the religion she described as a discovery in terms understandable to any general reader. A fascinating aspect of this biography is that Nenneman researched and read every single available piece of correspondence written by Mary Baker Eddy that is in The Mother Church archives; yet he does not use extracts or quoted materials heavily. The book examines the woman behind the public image, including her upbringing, family and personal tragedies, religious development, lawsuits, etc. These excerpts from Mrs. Eddy's letters vividly portray her challenges and her dealings with her students and later with her young church. The author does not believe that a religious biography can be written without a point of view, but he does not draw back from presenting Mrs. Eddy as a woman who could be volatile. In fact, while the book necessarily traces the development of Christian Science, it is even more a story of Mrs. Eddy's personal development, growth, and ability to lead others through her spiritual maturity. Her story culminates in the almost continual challenges she faced and overcame during the last decade of her life.


Persistent Pilgrim: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, by Richard A. Nenneman

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