Pirated British Edition of Louisa May Alcott's LITTLE WOMEN Parts First and Second. Part Second appears here under the alternative British title, LITTLE WIVES.


Originally publsihed by Louisa May Alcott under the titles of LITTLE WOMEN Part First (1868) and LITTLE WOMEN Part Second (1869), Louisa's LITTLE WOMEN was a coveted prey by overseas publishers and when she published Part Second, British publishers pounced! Without permission or compensating Louisa, a variety of companies published LITTLE WOMEN Part Second under their own titles. British titles included  LITTLE WIVES, NICE WIVES, LITTLE WOMEN WEDDED, or LITTLE WOMEN MARRIED. 


The book offered here is circa 1900 and was published in London by Frederick Warne and Co. Warne and Co. eventually became the publishers for Beatrix Potter, but until that time, they made a portion of their sales based on works stolen from American Authors. Tsk tsk. But they sure bound their books in lovely covers. 


Book condition: Good tiquarian condition. Embossed blue cloth cover with gold-colored gilt. Front cover is bright and clean, minor bumping of the corners. Spine is sun-faded but remains clear and readable. Spine cloth is clean with light bumping and fraying at top and bottom. Back cover is plain blue cloth; clean with minimal fading. When looking down from above on the standing book, the book has a lean. (Please see photos). 

Internal binding is secure. In the middle of the book (near where Part Second begins) there is noticeable cracking of binding and exposure of the hinges. 

Pirated British Edition: LITTLE WOMEN AND LITTLE WIVES by Louisa May Alcott