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PLAN OF THE TOWN and HARBOUR of BOSTON and the Country adjacent with the Road from Boston to Concord Shewing the Place of the late Engagement between the King’s Troops & the Provincials, together with the several Encampments of both Armies in & about Boston.


This is the first published map of the first battle of the American Revolutionary War

By Isaac de Costa and C. Hall Sc.

Published: London, June 29th, 1775


The map shows the area between the outer islands of Boston Harbor and Concord, Massachusetts, bounded to the north by “Bellerika” and Salem, and on the south by Weymouth and the upper reaches of the Charles River. Major inland waterways are shown—in particular, the Concord, Mystic and Charles Rivers—and just enough topography to make sense of the positions taken by the nascent American Army in the early weeks of the siege of Boston. The city itself is shown in plain view, as are the major roads connecting it with other settled areas, themselves indicated by clusters of tiny squares or miniature homes and churches.


29" wide by 23.5" tall

​​​​​​​Printed on quality matte poster paper

Plan of the Town and Harbor of Boston (Road from Boston to Concord)

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