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"Second to None": A Brief Review the Activities of the Second Division during the World War. A detailed history of the Second Division Association of Los Angeles, and a biographical sketch of its members.

Written by S. Melvin Jackson

Published by Sam Babcock, Sixth Marines, Los Angeles, CA, 1933


In a brown cloth binding with raised and embossed decor and title, this WWI related account is inscribed by Sam Babcock to Jack Burdette. Inscription reads: "To Jack Burdette, A damn good Scout, and real friend. Sam Babcock.


Association Copy of '"Second to None': A Brief Review of the Activities of the Second Division during the World War". The book is inscribed by U.S. Marine Officer Sam Babcock to a fellow solider, Jack Burdette. The inscription reads, "To Jack Burdette, a damn good Scout and a real friend." During World War I, Babcock was part of a Marine regiment assigned to the U.S. Army 2nd Division; their tenacity impressed the Germans who ruefully nicknamed them the "Devil Dogs"


In June of 1918, Babcock made it through the battle at Belleau Woods in France but was gassed with Mustard gas a few days later. He recovered and return to action for a short time before being bayonetted through the side at the Battle of Soisson. Wounded, he was transported back to the United States aboard the USS George Washington. The ship later transported President Wilson back across the Atlantic to attend the Paris Peace Treaty signings.


While Jack Burdette's story is yet little known to us, it was clearly known to Babcock who valued him enough to call him "a damn good Scout, and real friend."


An article by Babcock can be found here:

Cut and pasted from the article: "The 96th Company was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment of the 4th Marine Brigade in the U.S. Army 2nd Division. The only time in US history the Marines were not under separate command. It is also the time the Marines earned their nickname- "The Devil Dogs" courtesy of the Germans, who were surprised by their tenacity". 


Condition Notes:  Good/Very Good Condition. Some wear to edges and around edges of spine. Faint, but visible. Some light bumping of corners. 


"Second to None", by S. Melvin Jackson

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