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Shapes That Pass: Memories of Old Days, by Julian Hawthorne

First Edition, 1928

Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. 

Inscribed by Julian Hawthorne to Betty Fuller. Inscription reads:  "To Miss Betty Fuller, with my thanks to Janet Wilson (?) for the pleasure of presenting this book to Miss Betty. Julian Hawthorne, San Francisco, California


Condition: Reddish brown cloth with original paper label on spine. Overall good condition. One of the front fly leafs has a ripple in it. This lightly carries through to the next two pages but not elsewhere in the book. Rear index pages have a few ripped edges as though badly torn when originally cutting the papers. Comes in clear protective mylar cover. 




The middle child and only son of Sophia Peabody and writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, Julian Hawthone (June 22, 1846-July 21, 1934) was an American writer and journalist. He wrote numerous works including poetry, short stories, novels, and essays.  As his father Nathaniel Hawthorne had done by helping to establish the American Gothic genre, Julian Hawthorne helped create the American Sci Fi genre. Examples of this are found in his stories  "Cosmic Courtship", and "Absolute Evil".  


Published in 1928, SHAPES THAT PASS: MEMORIES OF OLD DAYS is the last book written by Julian Hawthorne before his death in 1934. In it, Julian revists memories of old, including passage to Liverpool where his father Nathaniel was the U.S. Consul.  

Shapes That Pass: Memories of Old Days, by Julian Hawthorne

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