Shipwrecks: An Encyclopedia of the World's Worst Disasters at Sea, by David Ritchie, paperback (good/very good condition)


Spanning the globe from ancient times to the present, Shipwrecks describes hundreds of famous and lesser-known nautical tragedies, recounting in detail tales of spectacular heroics and fatal disaster. Wrecks like those of the Titanic and the Lusitania are the stuff of legend, but what about the hundreds of others throughout history, their unique stories, their causes and their influence on maritime history? Shipwrecks documents many of these while offering dozens of entries on related topics, such as reefs, radar, storms and capsizing. More than just a catalog of the world's best-known maritime disasters, Shipwrecks captures the drama and historical significance of these calamities. Over 80 charts and illustrations highlight this fully cross-referenced and indexed work.

From among hundreds of shipwrecks, author David Ritchie has selected only those of particular historical, cultural and technological importance, those that have, among other things, shocked the world, moved nations to war and led to improvements in nautical design. Shipwrecks brings to life the most significant disasters in maritime history, from the wrecks of Columbus' Santa Maria and the Andrea Doria to those of the French liner Normandie and the British frigate Phoenix. Over 400 entries depict in vivid detail the captains, the ships, the causes and the casualties associated with these tragedies, making Shipwrecks a useful reference as well as an entertaining and educational one.

Shipwrecks: An Encyclopedia of the World's Worst Disasters at Sea

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