Step-By-Step Wiring

A Better Homes and Garden's Book.


You could get this book for $6 and do it yourself... or you could take our advice (for free) and call a qualified Electrician. Either way, we wish you the best in whatever you do. 



Step-by-step format provides wiring basics for beginners and reassurance on complex projects for more experienced DIYers.

Detailed, easy-to-follow format and photos help homeowners learn wiring techniques and electrical safety.

Includes projects to rewire lamps, install switched fans, add circuits, repair cords, install security systems, and more.

No-nonsense resource outlines practical advice, code requirements, and product recommendations for replacement and new installation.

Projects list materials, time, skills, and tools needed.

Homeowners who gain confidence with this book can save money and increase home values.

Step-By-Step Wiring

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