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Strange Battles of the Civil War, by Webb Garrison, paperback (very good condition)


Strange Battles of the Civil War is a captivating look at 23 battles from the War Between the States that did not unfold as anticipated. From unexpected victories to devastating tactical blunders, from mistaken marching orders to unlikely participants (including animals!), this collection of surprising but true stories offers an unusual perspective on one of the bloodiest conflicts in United States history.


Discover extraordinary Civil War battle stories like the following:

  • December 20, 1861In Dranesville Virginia, hungry horses trigger a skirmish when their Union and Confederate handlers fight over hard-to-find fodder for their animals, resulting in 250 casualties.
  • May 15, 1862: At Drewry's Bluff, Virginia, the Confederate capital of Richmond is saved when Union navy guns cannot be elevated high enough to fire upon the city on the bluff
  • September 8, 1863: At Sabine Pass, vastly outnumbered Confederate soldiers manage to thwart the advance on Texas and deliver an astounding defeat to Union forces
  • December 23-27, 1864: At Fort Fisher, a gun powder plot fizzles and the career of a Union general is ended after a two-day bombardment.

Featuring fascinating Civil War facts, anecdotes, photos, and illustrations, this is a must-have addition to any Civil War collection, and makes the perfect gift for students, scholars, and history enthusiasts everywhere.

Strange Battles of the Civil War

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