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STOP: Before you read any further- If you need anyone to taste test the sushi creations you'll make from this book, we here at Barrow Bookstore are happy to help. WE ARE SUSHI addicts! :-) Ok, now read on about the book.


SUSHI by Lulu Grimes

Hardcover in dust jacket. Gently-read condition. 


From the Publisher:

This book demystifies sushi, making these delightful Japanese dishes accessible to all. Suitable as party snacks, appetizers, or main meals, there is far more to these dishes than raw fish and rice. This imaginative collection of recipes includes such delicacies as asparagus and omelet rolls, smoked trout sushi boats, and chicken teriyaki rolls. Created to get your taste buds tingling, you will also be able to impress family and friends with your daring cuisine. Part of a series for the adventurous cook, all of the recipes are beautifully presented with color photography and detailed instructions. Let your imagination take you into new culinary territory with these enticing and versatile sushi recipes.



SUSHI by Lulu Grimes

SKU: 37-007
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