Are you ready to become a Bartleby Athletic Company Athlete?


Jumped through time and straight from the pages of Herman Melville's 1853 short story "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street", cantankerous Wall Street employee Bartleby, the Scrivener, is back, and this time as the boss of his own company!


A fictitious company started by Bartleby (and assisted into reality by Barrow Bookstore)  "The Bartleby Athletic Company" offers Athletic wear designed for humans who do things in whatever way suits them. In this  "I Would Prefer Not To" dry-wicking athletic T-shirt , you'll be ready to perform any function you may (or may not) wish to. 


Available in Unisex or Women's cut, the reviews of this stretchable, dry-wicking t-shirt are in:


Vincent, Hartford

"I like how cool the t-shirt keeps me when I'm at the gym. When I'm there, I sometimes pick things up and put them down. And sometimes I just sit on the stationary bike and watch TV. But it can be hot if the gym's crowded, and this t-shirt helps."


Brenda, Philadelphia:

"I love wearing this t-shirt when I'm weeding the garden in the hot summer months. It keeps me dry in the humidity and helps me stop being so fussy. Gardens were meant to be wild, and who am I to pull weeds?"


John, Boston

"People used to yell at me when I sat in the middle of track reading my book. But now, in this Bartleby Athletic T-Shirt, they're joining me! It's been transformative."


Gina, New York:

"I'm training for a marathon and everyone in my running club is obsessed with 'splits' and 'pace', while I'm all like, 'I'm just trying to breathe here!' With Bartleby Athletic Company on my back, I finally feel empowered to walk/run my race and not somebody else's." 


Are you ready? Join the Bartleby Athletic Company Movement! But only if you prefer to.


Available in Unisex or Women's Cut. Stretch fit. Black with white lettering. 

T-shirt base made in Haiti.

Designed by Barrow Bookstore and printed in the USA.

100% Polysester, UPF 50

FYI: fabric is very slightly sheer.












T-Shirt: "I Would Prefer Not To" (Bartleby Athletic Company)

Women's Cut
Unisex Cut