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The Best Recipe Grilling and Barbeque, by Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, hardcover (very good condition)


Can you make really good pulled pork at home? Which cut of meat makes the best beef kebabs? How do you keep lean pork tenderloin from tasting like sawdust? What is the secret to great-tasting burgers? Is it possible to make barbecued chicken that isn't dry?


In an exhaustive effort to answer these questions, the staff of Cook's Illustrated magazine lit more than 5,000 charcoal fires to test different grilling and barbecue techniques for The Best Recipe: Grilling and Barbecue.


The Best Recipe: Grilling and Barbecue also contains 300 illustrations that show you how to cut up a chicken, slice a T-bone steak, and remove the pinbones from a salmon fillet. No-nonsense equipment ratings and taste tests of supermarket foods are also included. Find out which commercial barbecue sauce received our highest rating, whether or not a fish basket really works, and what's the best tool for lighting a charcoal fire. You'll also learn which cuts of meat work best in different recipes, how to quickly brine foods to keep them moist over intense grill heat, and how to make the most of a gas grill. (All recipes include both charcoal and gas grill variations.)


More than 400 recipes cover just about everything that has ever been grilled, from steaks and chops to ribs and pulled pork. You'll find recipes for seafood—salmon, tuna, shrimp, and more—as well as instructions and recipes for grilling almost every vegetable imaginable, from asparagus to zucchini.


With The Best Recipe: Grilling and Barbecue at your side, we guarantee that you will never ruin another expensive piece of meat or fish because of some easily avoided mistake. Light the grill with confidence. With this cookbook as your guide, grilling and barbecuing will be easy and foolproof.

The Best Recipe Grilling and Barbeque

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