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The Bunker, by James P. O'Donnell, hardcover (good condition)


"A powerfully vivid documentary reconstruction of Adolf Hitler's final days."--New York Times


Here is an unforgettable, graphic account of the final days in the Führer's headquarters, deep under the shattered city of Berlin as World War II in Europe drew to a close. From James P. O'Donnell's interviews with fifty eyewitnesses to the madness and carnage--everyone from Albert Speer to generals, staff officers, doctors, Hitler's personal pilot, telephone operators, and secretaries--emerges an account that historian Theodore H. White has hailed as "superb . . . quite simply the most accurate and terrifying account of the nightmare and its end I have ever read."


"A riveting, damned near incredible (but true) story."--Gerald Green, author of Holocaust

The Bunker

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