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The Complete Guide to Calligraphy Techniques and Materials, by Judy Martin, hardcover (very good condition)


Calligraphy is literally the art of "beautiful writing." Today, emerging from centuries of tradition, it is practiced all over the world in new and ever more expressive forms. The Complete Guide to Calligraphy is the first comprehensive work on the subject, combining a detailed exploration of calligraphic styles and their history, with extensive practical coverage of equipment, materials and techniques. The story of the development of writing, from pictograms and hieroglyphics to italic and copperplate scripts, is outlined and illustrated in detail. A practical section dealing with surfaces, media and tools, including step-by-step guides on how to make your own quill and reed pens-plus a special feature on gliding techniques-leads into a thorough analysis of contemporary letter forms and alphabets. Useful hints on layout and design demonstrate how to set out a wide range of different types of work; a concluding section provides a concise summary of the applications of calligraphy: in print, for display and as decoration.

The Complete Guide to Calligraphy Techniques and Materials

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