The Diary of Samuel Sewall (2 volume Set)

Volume 1: 1674-1708

Volume 2: 1709-1729

Edited by M. Halsey Thomas

Hardcover set in slipcase box.

Books are in Very Good Condition. Slipcase box in sturdy, good shape with cosmetic signs of wear. 



The 3rd-Great-Grandfather of Louisa May Alcott, Samuel Sewall (1652-1730) was a judge, businessman, and printer in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, best known for his involvement in the Salem witch trials, for which he later apologized, and his essay The Selling of Joseph (1700), which criticized slavery. He served for many years as the chief justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature, the province's high court. Sewall's diary is considered a unique insight into the life of a pious Puritan, and an important historical record documenting the early days of the Massachusetts community.


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Keywords: Louisa May Alcott Ancestor; Salem Witch Trials; Witches; Witch Trial Judge; Massachusetts History

The Diary of Samuel Sewall (Vol 1 & 2, 1674-1729)

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